BGC Construction is the construction arm of the dynamic BGC (Australia) Pty Ltd and is responsible for all group residential and commercial construction. We presently have the capacity to turn over in excess of $300m per year. BGC prides itself on being able to achieve its client’s objectives every time, on time. This can only be achieved with a company culture that has been developed and implemented direction of senior management of the organisation. BGC is a “can do” company and rightly proud of its achievements to date. The company’s culture can be best summed up in the company’s key operating objectives. These are as follows:

  • Ensuring our organisational structure contains the dynamics required to keep it in the forefront of modern project delivery methods
  • Provide collaborative expertise to all projects with the wealth and depth of experience the company has gained
  • Meet or exceed our client’s specified benchmarks using a certified and fully auditable QA system.
  • Provide our clients with an end product that is value for money by ensuring that projects are delivered within budget and by providing ongoing value engineering.
  • Delivery of our client’s projects in a timely manner.
  • Provide our clients with ongoing risk management to minimise exposure.
  • Provide staffing that open and accountable to ensure a dispute free environment.
  • Provide a safe environment on our projects that fully auditable against industry standards.
  • Ensure that our work practices are both environmentally sound and sustainable.
  • Manage project industrial relations to ensure that all risk of time and cost overruns are minimised.
  • Ensure that our staff are fully trained and appraised of changing industry practices and techniques.

BGC Construction is backed by the BGC (Australia) Pty Ltd Group and this provides many advantages to BGC Construction. The group turnover is in excess of $3 billion per annum and has a workforce of over 3,500 employees.

Today, BGC’s wide range of operations includes manufacturing, residential and commercial construction, property development, ownership and management, contract mining, civil contracting, quarrying, bulk haulage and insurance.

The vertical integration of the group has ensured that the construction divisions operate with a continuity of supply, maintained product quality and are free from industrial disruption.

BGC’s decentralised management structure allows each of the autonomous business units the flexibility to make individual business decisions, while retaining the backing of sound corporate experience from a stable financial and sound asset base.

We have the staff and management systems in place to ensure the success of your projects.  At BGC Construction we also have the distinct advantage to be able to call on resources at anytime from our other divisions.  This means that instead of employing unknown personnel to staff it’s projects we are able to provide them internally, confident that they have proven track records.  This is a huge advantage to our operation and adds strength to the relationship between BGC Construction and it’s clients.

BGC’s commitment to superior quality remains a catalyst for future growth. Driven by a desire to be the best in all of its disciplines, BGC will always remain true to its motto – BUILDING SUCCESS.

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